We’ve put together our first short sharp survey aimed at helping us to understand who our current users are, what they like and dislike about Pickle, and what (if anything) similar players in the space are doing better or differently.

It should only take a few minutes and will help…

The week that was

Our rebrand launch had a great reception this week! The launch tweet had over 80k impressions and 4.5k engagements, with the new website in particular gaining praise.

Thanks to the huge effort by all involved — Linsy, Mark, Fennec & Jan in particular 💚

We launched three more new…

We missed last week’s update because … reasons. Sorry. We’ll make it up to you with plenty of crunchy Pickle news this week.

Welcome to Pickle Finance

The Pickle rebrand and brand new website is coded up and almost ready to go, we plan to release this week after a few final tweaks …


The big event for this week was of course the much anticipated launch of Pickle Finance onto Polygon, supported by the Polygon team with a generous contribution of MATIC rewards.

This was a huge focus for much of the Pickle team over recent weeks and a huge amount of work…

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