A Mid-Mortem Night’s Dream

The course of true love never did run smooth.


Today has been a difficult day on the Pickle farm as we continue to work on retrieving existing jar funds for re-distribution. While we are still extremely certain that we can retrieve and unlock all funds to our users, it will unfortunately take a bit more time due to further timelocks which were introduced earlier as a security precaution.

Our expectation is that the issue should be resolved within 24 hours from this posting. But rather than leave the community in the dark, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about what we know of the situation up to this point.

What happened?

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication on the team, the funds were not transferred over to the new strategies prior to executing setController(a necessary step). After this change, the system would calculate very small payments upon withdrawal and very large pToken issuances on deposit.

This is due to the fact that the balances in the new strategies were tiny while the total supplies of the varying pTokens were quite large.

Where are the funds?

For psCRV:




We initially thought the funds were isolated to the pre-PIP-8 contracts, and had set out to retrieve the funds, which was unfortunately delayed for 12 hours due to the timelock. However, upon further investigation, the funds were also sent to the post-PIP-8 contracts. This means that we needed to make a separate effort to retrieve the funds, which is now also blocked by another 12 hours due to the timelock.

What will we do now?

To inspect your entitled balances, see this repository here. Make sure to look up your address in the relevant .json file for your jar. Also, keep in mind that these numbers are preliminary, so do reach out on Discord if you find any discrepancies.

There will also likely be a brief moment where your balance might appear to be zero, please be assured that the team is working non-stop and will be answering questions on Discord as we go through this transition period.

We appreciate your continued patience.