B.Protocol x Pickle LUSD Integration

B.Protocol Integration 🤝

B.Protocol x Liquity 💧

What about Pickle? 🥒

  • The Jar accepts users’ deposits in LUSD
  • The LUSD is deposited into B.Protocol’s PBAMM contract, which in turn deposits it to Liquity’s Stability Pool and mints a share token for the user
  • Whenever liquidations occur in the Stability Pool, a portion of the user’s LUSD is swapped for ETH at a premium. B.Protocol automatically sells that ETH back for LUSD and deposits it back in the pool. This has the dual effect of 1) preserving stablecoin capital, and 2) compounding users’ positions
  • LQTY (Liquity’s secondary token) rewards are given to depositors, and are automatically deposited in Pickle’s pLQTY jar
  • Under Pickle’s care, the LQTY deposits earn LUSD and ETH fees, which are automatically sold & compounded for more LQTY




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