Creating a Frax Flywheel with Pickle Finance

Pickle Finance launches Frax Brinery and 2 FRAX UniV3 Strategies

The Benefits of our Frax Brinery and UniV3 Jar Strategies

How to use our Frax Brinery and Univ3 Jars

Frax Brinery

  1. Purchase FXS tokens
  2. Enter our FXS Brinery with two transactions (approval and deposit)
  3. Claim your FXS rewards as frequently as you would like

UniV3 Jars

  1. Deposit FRAX, DAI or USDC into the UniV3 Jars in any proportion
  2. You will earn reward fees in the underlying asset types you choose.
  3. Sit back and relax while Pickle Finance compounds the fees earned for you, keeps you in range to earn the highest fees AND receive PICKLE rewards on top as an added bonus! Plus our Jars will have their yields boosted by the locked FXS in the Brinery.

Where to from here

What is Pickle Finance



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