Crowning the Pickle Challenge Champion

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Dear Pickle Nation,

Thank you to everyone for participating in the content challenge! We are blown away by the overwhelming response to this! Thank you for you patience in regards to announcing winners. As you may know, Pickle has had a lot going on these past few weeks.

Over the course of the #PickleChallenge, we received over 500 amazing submissions from the Pickle community from across the world. Getting to the list of winners was no easy task.

Based on the results from the final Snapshot vote and the primary Discord vote, the 20 winners of the challenge are as follows:

  1. Sandica — Pickle Bike Game
  2. greenfrieza.eth — Pickelmon Card
  3. Sean Sullivan — Pickle Telegram Sticker Pack
  4. SnowboardNW — Stake Pickle Stack wETH
  5. Shameless Plug — Jesus Loves Pickle
  6. defichica.eth — Voxel Pickle
  7. Most Enki — Fun To The Moon!
  8. joseacabrerav — Sock Puppet Rap
  9. JHowes87 — IRL Pickle Stand
  10. SunnyBadgerP — Pickle Jingle
  11. Avinash Michael — Pretty Pickle Song
  12. MVP Creatives — The Real MVP of DeFi
  13. PicklePOOOWER — Lord of the Pickle
  14. HAHA — Pickle Mario
  15. huangkuan — Tutorial and Metrics for pJar0.88
  16. LUSCIOUS DUNCAN — Pickle Tracks #1 + #2
  17. ReneeMayam85 — Supreme Leader
  18. bubbbie — Pickle Among Us
  19. brucethegoose.eth — Pickle Jar NFT Art
  20. Deni — Educational Video about Pickle

Congratulations to Sandica, our PICKLE CHAMPION!

If you are one of the winners, congratulations!!! In order to claim your prize please DM on Twitter from the account which you submitted your creation along with your wallet address.

Original details of the challenge can be found here.

And as always, we’d love for you to drop by our Discord and to follow us on Twitter.


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