Eternal Optimism

Pickle Finance launches on Optimisim!

The Ethereum you know and love, at lower cost and lightning speed

Optimism is an EVM equivalent Optimistic Rollup chain. It’s designed to be fast, simple, and secure. The Layer 2 chain boasts gas savings of 45x as compared to Layer 1 Ethereum, and at the time of writing has over $840m of on chain value.

Chain TVL — DefiLlama

Optimisim starting jar roster

Latest Jar roster

The benefits of using Pickle Finance on Optimism

  1. Saves time — to auto-compound an LP position takes at least 5 transactions (more for the first, which includes approvals). With a hardware wallet (which we’d recommend everyone utilizes), that’s a lot of clicks! Most users end up not doing this manually every day, missing out on yield.
  2. Saves gas — Optimism is cheaper than Ethereum for gas fees, but not free/pennies! Pickle’s auto-compounding Jars will save significant amounts of gas fees over a reasonable period, compared to completing manually.
  3. Compounding an LP position helps continuously ‘rebalance’ your position — if the value of the pair becomes imbalanced, regularly compounding effectively helps you to ‘buy the dip’ if a token falls in price or vice-versa if it gains.
  4. And of course, compounding positions can create huge gains in value compared to a static APR. Through the power of auto-compounding you are almost guaranteed to outperform managing your own position, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Pickle automates that so you can spend more doing things you enjoy, while we maximize your yield returns.

Pickle’s fee structure

How to get started

Degen, responsibly 💚



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