Into the Brine Vol. 3 — ⚡Jar Zapping⚡

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It’s been a productive month at Pickle Finance. In this issue, we cover:

  • PickleJar Zapping
  • Audit Updates
  • Governance Updates
  • The #PickleChallenge
  • A Look into Jar Swapping

PickleJar Zapping

We understand that yield farming can be daunting for newcomers to DeFi. We’ve now made this easy with our Jar Zapping feature!

If you hold tokenized BTC or stablecoins, you can now earn compounding yield and PICKLE rewards with just a few clicks on a SINGLE page. Here’s how:

Step 1: Deposit your selected tokens

Step 2: Confirm a series of transactions and… Profit!

We at Pickle Finance firmly believe that providing user-friendly solutions will help attract new users to our protocol and to DeFi in general.

Try it out today:

Audit Updates

Our second audit report by MixBytes was released last week, this report covering all of our PickleJar strategies. No critical or major issues were found by the auditors, and all minor issues were fixed in subsequent PRs (see report for more details).

We are now awaiting a final third report from MixBytes that covers our entire smart contracts suite.

We have received a preliminary audit report from Samsung-backed Haechi Labs on the second audit we commissioned. We have submitted remediations in response to their comments and are expecting a final report soon.

Keep an eye out for more audit reports to be released in the coming weeks!

Governance Updates

A few exciting governance changes have transpired over the past few weeks.

PIP-16 was implemented on November 3rd to remove withdrawal fees from all PickleJars and to correspondingly raise profit fees.

PIP-17 was implemented on November 11th to decrease PICKLE/ETH LP rewards and to correspondingly increase rewards for the pDAI and prenBTCCRV farms.

PIP-18 was implemented on November 12th for creating our bug bounty program.


On October 30th, we announced the Pickle Community Creative Challenge to engage our vibrant community to show off their creative skills for a chance at a 560 PICKLE prize pool. The challenge ended on November 13th.

We have seen many amazing submissions so far and deciding on the winners will be a tall order. Here are some awesome examples:

Jar Swapping

In our last update, we announced the Pickle Swap feature, allowing PickleJar users to jump directly from one Jar to another. In just 3 weeks, we have seen this feature used over 160 times to swap tens of millions of dollars worth of assets.

This simplified the process of helping our users chase the highest yield. For example, the process of going from the UNI WBTC/ETH Jar to the DAI Jar is made possible with one click.

Join Us

If you have any questions or comments, we invite you to come to our Discord!


Contributors to Pickle have made reasonable efforts at ensuring the integrity of the protocol including tests. Pickle is completely valueless and has 0 financial value. Anyone who chooses to engage with these contracts, including the Pickle token contract and the staking contracts, are doing so at their own risk. You should perform your own due diligence.