Introducing PickleJars

💭 Concept

  1. LPs deposit Asset into a pJar and receive pAsset
  2. Asset is deployed into an alpha-seeking strategy to generate returns
  3. Returns are distributed back to the pool, causing an appreciation in pAsset while also supporting governance and PICKLE holders through fees

💸 Fees

  • 3% to governance for subsidized gas event (this is 5% on yVaults)
  • 0.5% to the function caller (as a reward for triggering the strategy)
  • 1.5% is used to buy and burn PICKLEs from the market

💡PickleJar Strategies

pJar 0: The sCRV pJar

  1. LP deposits sCRV into into the pJar and gets psCRV in return
  2. sCRV from the pJar is staked to earn CRV and SNX
  3. CRV and SNX are market sold for the stablecoin with the least liquidity in the Curve sUSDv2 pool
  4. This stablecoin is added into the Curve sUSDv2 pool for more sCRV
  5. The additional sCRV are deposited back into the pJar and the cycle continues
A green terminal to match our PICKLEs

pJar 1: The Leveraged-Short DAI pJar

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💬 Final note




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