Pickle Finance

Dec 18, 2021

5 min read

Pickle Finance launches on Aurora!

Pickle <> Aurora NFT

Pickle Finance’s multi-chain mission continues with the addition of Aurora!

“Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine created by the team at the NEAR Protocol, delivering a turn-key solution for developers to operate their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable and future-safe platform, with low transaction costs for their users.”

Pickle <> Aurora launch incentives!

  1. Firstly, the amazing NFT (shown at the beginning of this article) designed by fennec will be airdropped to 25 users . You can see more of fennec’s NFTs on the official Pickle Finance NFT collection!
  2. Secondly, 5 users will receive an airdrop of 10x AURORA (value at time of writing $106.1 each, $1,06 total)
  3. Thirdly, 5 users will receive an airdrop of 10x NEAR (value at time of writing $83.9 each, $839 total)

Aurora starting Jar roster

Number of Jars by chain as of December 18th 2021
  1. Trisolaris — DEX
  2. WannaSwap — DEX
  3. NearPad — Launchpad & DEX
  1. Aurora 1a TriNearUsdc
  2. Aurora 1b TriEthNear
  3. Aurora 1c TriBtcNear
  4. Aurora 1d TriNearUsdt
  5. Aurora 1e TriTriNear
  6. Aurora 1f TriUsdcUsdt
  7. Aurora 1f TriTriAurora
  8. Aurora 1g TriAuroraEth
  9. Aurora 2a NearNearBtc
  10. Aurora 2b NearPadUsdt
  11. Aurora 2c NearPadUsdc
  12. Aurora 2d NearPadEth
  13. Aurora 2e NearPadNear
  14. Aurora 2f NearPadFrax
  15. Aurora 3a WannaWannaNear
  16. Aurora 3b WannaAuroraNear
  17. Aurora 3c WannaEthBtc
  18. Aurora 3d WannaNearBtc
  19. Aurora 3e WannaNearDai
  20. Aurora 3d WannaNearEth
  21. Aurora 3e WannaUsdcNear
  22. Aurora 3f WannaUsdtUsdc
  23. Aurora 3g WannaUsdtNear
  24. Aurora 3h WannaWannaUsdc
  25. Aurora 3i WannaUsdtWanna

The benefits of using Pickle Finance

  1. Saves time — to auto-compound an LP position takes at least 5 transactions (more for the first which includes approvals). With a hardware wallet (which we’d recommend everyone utilizes), that’s a lot of clicks!
  2. Saves gas — okay so Aurora is fairly unique in that gas is currently free. Yes, $0 per transaction! But that may not always be the case …
  3. Compounding an LP position also helps continuously ‘rebalance’ your position — if the value of the pair becomes imbalanced, regularly compounding effectively helps you to ‘buy the dip’ if a token falls in price or vice-versa if it gains.
  4. And of course, compounding positions can create huge gains in value compared to a static APR. Through the power of auto-compounding you are almost guaranteed to outperform managing your own position, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Pickle automates that so you can spend more doing things you enjoy, while we maximize your yield returns.
  5. And of course, Pickle is tried and trusted with over 15 months of experience. Your funds are precious so trust them to a protocol with a strong reputation.

Pickle’s Aurora fee structure

  • 0% deposit fee
  • 0% withdrawal fee
  • 10% performance fee

How to get started