Pickle Press w/c Aug 2nd

The week that was

Our rebrand launch had a great reception this week! The launch tweet had over 80k impressions and 4.5k engagements, with the new website in particular gaining praise.

Thanks to the huge effort by all involved — Linsy, Mark, Fennec & Jan in particular 💚

We launched three more new Jars this week, all from Abracadabra 🧙

  1. SPELL-ETH: Ethereum, TVL $446k, APY 141–177%
  2. MIM-ETH: Ethereum, TVL $292k, APY 70–105%
  3. MIM-3CRV: Ethereum, TVL $1.25m, APY 22–31%

We’re also in discussion with the Abracadabra team about being able to use pTokens as collateral … watch this space 👀

We distributed 6,607 $PICKLE to DILL holders and burned another 62k $CORN 🌽

Oh and also just ticked over $100m TVL! 💰

We got more new merch thanks to DIGITALAX, and now you can even pay in $PICKLE! 👕

Pickle Metaverse Merch

Onto this coming week …

Planned for release this week we have the following new Jars:

  1. Alchemix — alETH symbiotic Jar
  2. Popsicle Finance — Sorbetto USDC-ETH & USDT-ETH Uniswap v3 Jars
  3. Shapeshift — FOX-ETH Jar
  4. Dinoswap — DINO-USDC polyJar

Now that we have launched the new website, work is underway on the app. We have a design we are happy with (see below for the concept), but we don’t want to just re-skin the current app, which as users would know can at times have performance issues.

So instead we will be taking a bit longer, but optimizing every element before we apply the design. No small task, but one we think is worth undertaking now to set us up better for the future.

App design concept

We’re also have numerous discussions underway to explore collaboration opportunities with several projects, exchanges, chains … more news to follow when we can release it 🔎

Catch you later, Briney Happy People 🥒



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