Pickle Press w/c Aug 2nd

The week that was

Our rebrand launch had a great reception this week! The launch tweet had over 80k impressions and 4.5k engagements, with the new website in particular gaining praise.

  1. MIM-ETH: Ethereum, TVL $292k, APY 70–105%
  2. MIM-3CRV: Ethereum, TVL $1.25m, APY 22–31%
Pickle Metaverse Merch
  1. Popsicle Finance — Sorbetto USDC-ETH & USDT-ETH Uniswap v3 Jars
  2. Shapeshift — FOX-ETH Jar
  3. Dinoswap — DINO-USDC polyJar
App design concept