Pickle Press w/c Aug 9th


We’ve put together our first short sharp survey aimed at helping us to understand who our current users are, what they like and dislike about Pickle, and what (if anything) similar players in the space are doing better or differently.


The week that was

We started last week by launching our collaborative Liquity $LUSD Jar with B.Protocol. This was a great example of DEFI lego and illustrates how protocols can focus on their core strengths while working together to deliver optimal end user benefit. B.Protocol could have developed their own version of the pLQTY Jar but that’s not what they do, so they came to us with the idea of working together and it ended beautifully.

Onto this week

The symbiotic Alchemix alETH Jar has not been forgotten - it was planned for last week, but we completed a few more rounds of testing and are now happy to move ahead. So it will appear this week, along with this awesome NFT from Fennec.

Content control

A somewhat confronting tweet last month got us to thinking about our reliance on this very platform (Medium) as our primary method, outside of Twitter/Discord/Telegram, of communicating updates and creating reference material. The removal of Alchemix’s blog at a critical time for them is a good illustration of the risks.

Itchy back?

The topic of backscratchers came up this week and we are in discussions with a couple of projects about developing one for them, with the aim of long term collaboration. We’ll hopefully release more news soon.

New chain, who dis?

That’s right, the time has come to broaden Pickle’s reach further and expand onto our third chain.


Here’s the survey link again to save you scrolling back up — would really appreciate a few minutes of your time 💚


See you in the #DILLDAO