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Aug 18, 2021

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Pickle Press w/c August 16th

Protocol Performance

  1. $FOX-ETH —$544k locked at a base rate of 302% APY
  2. $SPELL-ETH — $1.65m locked at a base rate of 175% APY
  3. $ALCX-ETH — $15.8m locked at a base rate of 115% APY
  4. $FEI-TRIBE — $3.7m locked at a base rate of 97% APY

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Last week

This week

  • Testing and launching the $alETH Jar
  • Discussing, exploring and developing backscratcher strategies. Given the popularity of the DILL/veCRV model we see more projects adopting this approach including Frax, QiDao, Cream and Sushi. There is potential for Pickle to lead the way with a backscratcher approach, though the development and application differs slightly from project to project. So this is for a now a “wait and see” but there should be news about at least one project soon.
  • App redevelopment — we had an amazing breakthrough this week thanks to Jan who helped turbo boost the load times particularly on Polygon, but there are still performance improvements to be had. We’ve also been beta testing a fusion of Jars+Farms onto one page plus the addition of Zaps … soon the reskin can begin.
  • Migration of the $stETH Jar and as of today the $MIM3CRV Jar to Convex, testing is underway and these should both happen soon.
  • Innovative new Jar strategies are in development that will cater for vested/locked rewards which will provide access to Balancer strategies among others
  • We’ve been in discussion with CREAM about an Iron Bank Jar, which is now in development … hopefully launching within a week
  • We have several AMAs coming up with partner projects, schedule to follow soon

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