Pickle Press w/c August 30th

Protocol Performance

TVL continues to hover around the $100m mark.

We processed close to $3m yield in August, saving users a whole lot of time and gas fees.

DILL continues to be locked at a rapid rate, accounting for more than 50% of all Pickle created.

DILL holders enjoyed their share of $258,976 over the month, distributed in $PICKLE.

This week’s we focus on Pickle’s Stablecoin options — here are the most popular Jars, offering up to 63% APY!

  • yUSDC, 15–30% APY, $5.9m TVL
  • Saddle D4, 30–44% APY, $3.8m TVL
  • MIM3CRV, 52–63% APY, $1.9m TVL
  • yFRAX, 19–30% APY, $900k TVL
  • yLUSD, 15–20% APY, $500k TVL
  • bLUSD, ~17% APY, $500k TVL
  • MAI-USDC, 28% APY, $6.5m TVL
  • DAI, 20% APY, $2.4m TVL
  • IS3USD, 24% APY, $1.7m
  • am3CRV, 16% APY, $1.4m TVL

Pickle UI/UX improvements

This week we have published two major updates to the website and app.

Firstly was the fusion of Jars and Farms into one simple interface, which also introduced Zapper Zaps to make things even easier! In time we’ll retire the term “Farms” and just focus on Jars+staking, as the interface now guides you to do.

Oh and we also added the TVL onto the same page, a relatively small change that makes a big difference to the UX!

We just launched a major update to the website, which was completely refactored to support i18n. And the talented Jan created it in a way that allows for new languages to be added almost at the click of a button!

If you are a member of the DILLDAO and wish to provide a translation in return for a small bounty (paid in $PICKLE), get in touch with chimaera on the Discord or Telegram channels. We may open the offer to others in time, but for now will rely on our trusted DILLDAO community!


The website translations were very much in preparation for our launch onto OKExChain (OEC), which is rapidly drawing closer. There are still a few things to work through but the plan is to launch in the coming week or two.

The alETH symbiotic Jar is almost mythical at this point, long discussed, developed, tested, re-tested … as a novel strategy the processes are much more extensive than the usual Pickle Jar and so every potential edge case is being hunted down. But it’s still high on the agenda …

Following the successful passing of our mutual governance votes, which on the FRAX side added Pickle to their exclusive whitelist, we are full steam ahead with development and testing of the backscratcher … pveFXS will open up a lot of opportunities and help solidify what is already a great relationship with FRAX.


P1CKLE is coming … 🎂

ngmi if you don’t hold some DILL … 👀



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