Pickle Press w/c July 12th

We missed last week’s update because … reasons. Sorry. We’ll make it up to you with plenty of crunchy Pickle news this week.

Welcome to Pickle Finance

The app design is also complete! Work is underway to code this up and it should release within coming weeks, including fused Jars and Farms and Zaps.

We decided to launch the rebrand and new landing page first rather than wait for the app, but be aware that the two will look a little disconnected for a while 👀

Another landing page teaser

Polygon Party

Because of this we have a host of new discussions underway, some of which could come to fruition in coming weeks.

Pickle ❤ Polygon

B my valentine

We also got together with B.Protocol, ChainLink, Kyber, Liquity and Krystal to cook up a meme competition. Make sure to enter for a chance of winning a share of $3k!

Jars Roundup

Two weeks ago we announced a slew of Kyber Jars as part of their Rainmaker program, however the vesting period introduced on rewards but a dampener on those plans unfortunately.

Coming up this week (pending final testing) we have:

  1. QiDao’s MAI-QI Jar just launched 🙌, this pair has enjoyed a high APR for some time and the % gets even better when you add in auto-compounding and PICKLE + MATIC rewards on top!
  2. Iron Finance IS3USD — the TriPool of stables that Iron Finance launched (DAI, USDT, USDC) provides a great return in their newly released ICE token. Polygon again provides the perfect opportunity for regular compounding of these rewards to maximise the overall APY available on this stablecoin trio.
  3. D4 Pool on Saddle Finance — A new 4 way stablecoin pool with a focus on decentralization. This pool combines Alchemix’s alUSD, Fei Protocol’s FEI, Frax Finance’s FRAX and Liquity’s LUSD into one pool that is rewarded by governance tokens from each project. Pickle’s Jar will auto-compound all FOUR reward tokens to provide more base stablecoin pool LP. Beta testing is underway.

In beta testing and coming soon(TM) are:

  1. Alchemix alETH — just re-enabled by Alchemix, we’ll be live testing this Jar over coming days.
  2. Curve tricrypto — still in the plans, testing underway.
New Jars incoming

Community rules

If you have ideas for something you want to build, spend a chunk of time doing or something you think Pickle should do to help its development, feel free to open a thread on the forums and request a grant!

Not really related, but fun

Behind the scenes



That’s it for this week, PickleFam 💚