Pickle Press w/c July 19th

The week that was

We launched three new Jars this week!

  1. MAI-QI from QiDao: Polygon, TVL $85k, APY 615%
  2. IS3USD from Iron Finance: Polygon, TVL $3m, APY 33%
  3. D4 by Saddle Finance: Ethereum, TVL $1.75m, APY 32% — plus an exclusive NFT by our resident artist fennec for the first 50 depositors (still a few slots left at the time of publishing this!)
fennec NFT

We distributed 5,190 $PICKLE to DILL holders and burned another 44k $CORN (reaching 13% of total).

Source: https://duneanalytics.com/0xBoxer/-corn

We moved $300k from the Pickle Treasury to BasketDao’s BMI Index:

We worked with The Graph to fully decentralize our Ethereum application!

The Graph

The DILLDAO were also busy this week. [PIP-39] passed and the process of appointing a Committee on Continuing Operations and Compensation is underway in our Discord.

Two members in particular have put in an amazing amount of time and effort into a super comprehensive guide to Pickle. bwar and Sevenz, we thank you! Visit here: https://docs.pickle.finance 💚


Just announced yesterday, we partnered up with Digitalax to release some slick Pickle hoodies and caps, that not only you get to wear but also stake the associated NFT for $MONA.

As mentioned in the announcement, the merch will be updated with the new Pickle branding once that is released …

Talking of which …

The new Pickle branding is imminent! Our old friend the cucumber emoji will be retired in place of a brand new look and feel. Thanks 🥒, you served well and will be forever in our memories.

Upon release, we will be releasing a brand new website landing page, which will replace the rather bare looking https://pickle.finance/.

Rebrand launch will happen this week!

The app itself will take a bit longer to finalise and will be released once ready in coming weeks.

Farewell also to the website header ….

Saddle up, Alchemix

Hot on the heels of the D4 Stabelcoin Jar, this week we’ll be releasing the much anticipated alETH Symbiotic Jar. As we’ve outlined before, this Jar won’t re-invest the ALCX rewards but will rather stake them so that users build up a dual position!

Oh and we may also have another exclusive NFT waiting for launch …

Alchemix alETH NFT

Abracadabra — new Jars appear!

We have three new Abracadabra protocol Jars in testing, covering all of their pools!

We are also in discussion with the team there about using Jar tokens as collateral, allowing users to borrow MIM. Watch this space for developments …

The supporting cast

As ever there’s a lot of other stuff going on that is in varying degrees of completeness. LOTS of collaboration discussions happening many of which have been fuelled by our Polygon launch. We’re looking at the potential to migrate the stETH Jar to Convex, Sorbetto strategies on Popsicle, a 3Crypto Curve Jar, migrating Pickle-ETH LP rewards to Sushiswap, app functionality improvements (before the redesign) such as fusing Jars and Farms …

Some of these things may not end up seeing the light of day, but the team is always at capacity experimenting, discussing and developing — often in the shadows.


Until next week, Pickle Poppers



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