Pickle Press — w/c June 14

Pickle Press


A new Jar and Farm launched this week, our first foray into Convex Finance . The Jar takes the $CVX-ETH SLP pair from Sushiswap and helps you to automatically build that position over time, auto-compounding all rewards on your behalf.

Pickle’s CVX-ETH Farm yields


This week users enjoyed double $ALCX rewards on the ALCX-ETH Jar, which sadly come to an end on Wednesday of this week. The APY will still be epic on ‘normal’ rewards so we expect this to continue being one of our most popular Jars.

Symbiotic Liquity

The symbiotic Jar strategy that we developed for Alchemix is already being put to work through development of a new strategy focused on Liquity. This strategy will compound $ETH and $LUSD rewards on behalf of $LQTY stakers, real time based on usage. This Jar will head into beta testing this week.


No, really … soon! Almost everything in preparation for Pickle’s launch onto Polygon is complete — nine Jars and the updated Pickle UI successfully passed beta testing (thanks to those who helped!).

Upcoming Polygon Jars

Fresh Pickle

The new Pickle Finance landing page design and copy is complete, coding is underway.

Basic wireframes for the app — colours not final!