Pickle Press — w/c June 21

Liquity Provider

This week we launched our first symbiotic Jar strategy for Liquity.

This Jar takes staking rewards in the form of $LUSD and $ETH and compounds them into more $LQTY meaning your staking position grows over time.



This week we spent some quality time with the Polygon team, setting up the Pickle rewards approach for the polyJars and discussing incentives for Pickle’s launch over there in the form of MATIC rewards (spoiler alert — they are coming!).

The development is done and everything is in place, we’re now in the final stages of launch preparation. Our DILLDAO have already been helping with a limited beta test, and now will have chance to try out the real deal for a few days before we hit the launch button.

All going to plan, launch is scheduled for Monday … soon there will be no more soon. More details of exactly when and how to be announced ahead of time.

Jan’s the man

This week we also welcomed Jan to the Pickle team officially. Jan has been working with us for a little while now having impressed with his winning DILL dashboard submission for the OpenDEFI hackathon. Jan is a whizz with the front end side of things and is not only helping our amazing landing page come to life, but doing it with panache … in his own words “this thing’s gonna be fast”

Speedy Pickle

Foxy illustrations

Did we also mention that our resident artist fennec is hand drawing and painting all of the illustrationst hat will be used on the website? No? Well …

Pickle keeping your funds safe

Next up …

Two new strategies are under review this week:

  1. Alchemix’s alETH over on Saddle Finance
  2. Curve’s tricrypto pool

The PICKLE-ETH migration to Sushi is still in the plans, taking a little longer than estimated … but will happen. Soon.


And on that note, we bid thee farewell. Until next week.



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