Pickle Press w/c June 28th


The big event for this week was of course the much anticipated launch of Pickle Finance onto Polygon, supported by the Polygon team with a generous contribution of MATIC rewards.


Pickle 2.0

There has been a lot of work going on in the background developing the new Pickle website, both a new landing page and a new app design — which we have decided to build from the ground up rather than reskinning the current app. Which will take a little longer, but allow us to optimize with future growth in mind (plus we know the current app can have its moments … ).

Sneak preview — part of the new landing page

New Jars

We have three new Jar flavours in the plans for this week!

  1. Curve tricrypto — A pool that combines the three giants of crypto, USDT, BTC and ETH, we will aim to capture a share of the growing TVL heading to this combo.
  2. (Jars 3–7) Kyber Rainmaker LM program — Kyber is a project that has been around for some time, connecting liquidity in order to power instant and secure exchange of tokens. In order to incentivize liquidity on DMM — Kyber’s Dynamic Market Marker Protocol — they are allocating $25million worth of rewards over the coming two months to five pools on Ethereum and $5.5m worth of rewards to six pools on Polygon. This week we’ll be focusing on getting the five Ethereum based Jars up and running:
  • KyberUSDT-ETH
  • KyberUSDT-WBTC
  • Kyber WBTC-ETH
  • KyberKNC-ETH

In the shadows …

As always there is also time being spent in the ‘background’ researching new strategies and protocol improvements. This week those include:

PickleYAY — courtesy @fennec

~ Ciao for niao, Picklers