Pickle Press — w/c June 7

Pickle Press


Our friends at Alchemix faced some issues this week with the migration of ALCX-ETH LP to Sushi, leading to a period of no ALCX rewards. This was resolved and for the coming week we now have DOUBLE ALCX rewards to enjoy, leading to some impressive APY returns on that Jar! The Pickle team handled the migration on behalf of users which went smoothly and meant no need to unstake/restake, saving those precious gas fees.



Beta testing of Pickle’s Polygon offering has been in full swing this week with users testing seven Jars which we planned to be available at launch. But we figured that while the frontend work was finalized, we may as well whip up a couple more Jars … so now nine are in the mix for launch day!

The originally planned seven Polygon Jars, with test deposits

Pickle 2.0

A number of people are working away on a brand new website for Pickle, incorporating the new branding. This will include a brand new landing page and full app makeover, aiming to not only look nice but deliver an optimized UX.

  • Zaps directly into Jar

Pickle Nigri

Lots happening this week with our partners at Sushi.

And there’s more …

The dev team are also working on two other new Jars … at least one of which is planned for release this coming week too.