Pickle Press — w/c May 24th 2021

Pickle Press

This is the first in our new weekly Pickle Protocol updates, previously outlined in brief on Discord.

Fresh blood

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Exclusive 1/1 NFT now owned by 2weiX

OpenDEFI Hackathon


Alchemix Anonymous

We launched a beta test of our symbiotic alUSD3CRV Jar with a select group of users. This testing continues until we are 100% comfortable about a wider scale release. The same strategy also has the potential to be used for the upcoming alETH strategy.


Pickle Makeover

At the same time we are working on improving the UX, including the much requested fusing of Jars and Farms onto the same page, grouping the Jars/Farms, making them sortable by APY, etc.

The original pickle.finance UI, complete with dancing Rick background

wen MATIC??

We have 3–4 Jars ready to go, plus another 3–4 under development. The aim is to create a big launch and immediately be a strong contender, rather than just unveil a couple of Jars. There’s also a lot of UI work required which is well underway, going through beta testing right now.

The goal is to launch on Polygon within the coming week(s).

Other stuff

  • Exploring the feasibility of more Liquity Jars
  • Development of a Pickle Safety Module
  • Identifying the optimal approach for Pickle LP/SLP
  • Chatting to a top 100 crypto project about a potential partnership
  • Integration of a passive lottery system into Pickle

That’s all for this week, see you in the #dilldao